Order online here

Welcome to the new Headwater Hills online food ordering site!

The new 2017 food program now allows parents to order food by the day!

Choose “Daily” to choose which day(s) of the week or month you would like, or if you prefer to just pay once and have your child fed every day of the week or month, just click the links here:

(Note there’s a discount when ordering weekly or monthly. The monthly rate is discounted based on the yearly average of 18.5 days / month).

Casa Half Day: Daily $2.00     Weekly $9.00     Monthly  $30.00

Casa Full Day:  Daily $6.00     Weekly $28.00     Monthly $100.00

Elementary:     Daily $7.00     Weekly $33.00     Monthly $120.00

Middle School: Daily $7.50    Weekly $35.00     Monthly $125.00

I can usually accommodate last minute requests, so please feel free to make an order even if it is the night before, but please do it through this site.  

Note: I accept all forms of payment: Email Money Transfer, Cash, Cheque, Paypal, or Credit Card, however I prefer if you pay via email money transfer. Cash has proven to be an administrative struggle, but if you need to pay cash, please make the order through the website and choose “C.O.D.” when checking out and then please pay myself or Velisa ASAP.

All food is organic unless otherwise specified, and locally sourced when possible.

If you have any requests, questions, thoughts or concerns please call /text or email me: tracy@pillsworth.com 519 215 9132

Just click on your child’s class calendar below and choose what day(s) you would like: