February 2018 Menu!

Welcome to the Headwater Hills Montessori School’s hot lunch program.

I have been working in the health and fine foods industry for over twenty years and my name is Tracy Pillsworth.  I’ve been cooking at Headwater Hills Montessori School since 2014 and am very honoured to do so!

Most of the food is organic and locally sourced.  I also choose foods in season, showcasing seasonal flavours!

It is my hope, that in comparing the prices listed below against what you would normally spend on groceries plus the time and stress saved by not having to prepare and pack snacks and lunches every day, you view the food program as a positive, beneficial and nutrition based service for you and your family.

Please order through this site by or on the Friday before the upcoming school week.  This insures that I can buy the groceries in advance, on the weekend.

I accept all forms of payment: Email Money Transfer, Cash, Cheque, Paypal or Credit Card, however I prefer if you pay via email money transfer. Cash has proven to be an administrative struggle, but if you need to pay cash, please make the order through the website and choose “C.O.D.” when checking out and then please pay myself or Velisa ASAP.

Choose your child’s group below to view the monthly menu:

Casa Full Day:  (2 snacks and one hot lunch) Daily $6.00

Elementary:     (1 snack and one hot lunch)    Daily $7.00

Middle School: (1 snack and one hot lunch)    Daily $7.50   


Or never worry about lunches again by paying for the full year:

If you would like to join the food program for the entire year and enjoy the freedom of never worrying about your child’s lunches and snacks, you can pay one price at the start of the year with a discount of $0.50 off the daily price!

Just click on your child’s class below, pay by Friday September 1st and rest easy knowing that your child will be fed healthy, balanced and delicious lunches each day.

Casa Full Day: $1015.00 per year

Elementary: $1200.00 per year

Middle School: $1295.00 per year

If you have any meal requests, questions, thoughts or concerns please call /text or email me: tracy@pillsworth.com 519 217 6363

Regards and thank you!

View the monthly menus here: